• What is high-bay lights

    What is high-bay lights

    As the name implies, highbay lights are used to light up spaces with high ceilings. This usually applies to ceilings ranging from 20 feet to around 24 feet. Lowbay lights, however, are used for ceilings under 20 feet. Highbay lights have multiple applications across a variety of industries, this ...
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  • The Importance of LED Street Lighting

    The Importance of LED Street Lighting

    Street lights are said to be a benefit beyond being able to see in the dark. It is proven that lighting in residential and industrial areas reduces crime and car accidents. An LED has a life span of up to 50 000 hours, resulting in reduced maintenance costs. Advantages of LED Street Lights: • Hi...
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  • How to maintain the floodlight?

    How to maintain the floodlight?

    Floodlight as bright color, soft light, low power, long life and 50000 hours of luminous time. Moreover, the LED floodlight body is small, easy to hide or install, not easy to damage, without thermal radiation, which is beneficial to protect the illuminated objects, and has a wide range of applic...
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  • LED Floodlights

    LED Floodlights

    Right now there are two kinds of LED floodlights, one is power chip combination, the other is single high-power chip. The former has stable performance, the structure of single high-power product is huge, which is suitable for small-scale floodlight, and the latter can achieve high power, which c...
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